Engagewith everyone.

for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

Adtext is the leading supplier
to the advertising industry.

With a dedicated team of subtitlers
working an extended day,
Adtext is the industry standard
for this service.

Closed captions
for broadcast

Closed captions for broadcast
are hidden in the video signal
and display via a decoder in the TV.

For clarity and accuracy,
Adtext will capture dialogue,
as well as meaningful sound
and musical effects,
label and colour-code characters,
research brand-specific terminology,
all while ensuring
a comfortable reading speed.

Audio description

Audio description is a service
for the visually impaired
that is inserted in the gaps available
in broadcast and online content.
Such description enhances the narrative
by commenting on visual elements
such as action, facial expressions,
body language, dress,
settings and imagery.

Foreign-language subtitling

Adtext can create subtitles
in over 30 foreign languages.

Centralising all language requirements
ensures consistency, quality
and convenience for the client,
and maximises reach.

Social media

Subtitles for online can be produced
as closed or open captions,
depending on the intended platforms
and the client's preference.
Closed captions, compatible
with YouTube, Facebook,
Twitter and LinkedIn,
can be uploaded alongside the video,
enabling the viewer
to switch the subtitles on/off.
Open captions are burnt in,
rendering them permanently on display.

Open captions

Open captions are burnt into the picture
and are, therefore, always in vision.

Adtext will expertly create,
place and display the subtitles
for maximum effect, so as to enhance,
not distract from, the narrative,
rendering all file formats
and to any aspect ratio.

Idents and promos

These should be closed captioned
for broadcast with the same
thoughtful approach that Adtext adopts
for commercials.


If you are considering signing
a commercial or ident
in BSL (British Sign Language),
Adtext can help source
the appropriate signer
and project-manage
the entire assignment.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.